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We Buy & Sell Thousands of Used Gaylord Boxes, Box Liners, and Pallets Every Month For Your Shipping Needs.

SHELDON CONTAINER is one of the largest suppliers of Used Gaylord Boxes, Box Liners, & Wooden Pallets in America. Established in 1985, SHELDON CONTAINER is the leader when it comes to shipping materials in the USA. Gaylord boxes can be used to package any types of scrap material with capacity to hold over 2000 lbs.

We has the resources to handle all your packaging needs. Our staff will always deliver to you a fast and professional service. You will have everything for yor shipping needs and it can be sent to you fast and friendly.

SHELDON CONTAINER buys, sells, and handles all types of PLASTICS (PP, PET, PVC, etc) Look at the diffrent pages of the website to see if Sheldon Container can help you in your needs, or you can give us a call.

Call Us Today, at (713) 398-2427, to get your shipping needs handled by professionals, or contact us by email to get a quote at the upper right of the screen!

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We Buy & Sell NATIONWIDE for Your Shipping Needs

Once You Purchace from Sheldon Container, We Will Be Your Supplier for Your Shipping Needs! Just Call, or Fill Out the Quot Form to Get Service Right Away!